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2 Original Quinceanera Theme Ideas

Updated: Oct 25, 2022

Carolina, Las Vegas, NV

Planning your quince is a fun and exciting time. One of the elements that will drive the rest of the planning will be the colors you choose and the theme. You are a unique individual and your guests will be expecting the unexpected, you want to WOW your guests with a quince theme they have never seen before. If the Princess Themed party is not for you, don't worry we have some unique and different quince themes suggestions.

Here we present you some affordable and great products to incorporate to your decoration

1-Dia de Los Muertos

You were raised to love your family's roots, traditions, and celebrations ever since you can remember. Have a special Dia de Los Muertos Quincenera to show your love for that! Incorporate the history and tradition in every detail like in your invitations, cake, surprise dance, centerpieces, decorations, dama outfits, etc. This will be a memorable Quinceanera party for all of your gue

2- Famous City's

Do you love a specific city somewhere around the world but haven't gotten the chance to see it yourself? So bring it to your Quinceanera instead! Incorporate different famous and well-known aspects of that city and things that you love about it. There are so many cities that have rich history and culture within them, create a unique atmosphere for your Quinceanera. Some cool cities that many love and could be an awesome theme for you could be New York, Paris, Japan, London, Spain, Las Vegas ( Ex: if you choose Spain as your theme a flamenco surprise dance would make the night totally memorable for your guests)

Your imagination has no limits, so be as creative as you can be!


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