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Buffet vs. Plated

Updated: Oct 25, 2022

The Basic Rule: amount of guests

Gaby’s Gourmet, KS

Deciding whether to offer your guests a sit-down catered dinner or a buffet? Some factores that can help determine this decision can include how formal your Quinceanera will be and the budget you have set for food.


  • Space, buffet line to allow traffic flow rather then bunched up people waiting for meals

  • Offers several entrees and side to choose from, a wider variety as well

  • Guest are able to choose their dinner choice.

  • Cost-efficient

  • more flexible time to eat, whether a guest arrives earlier to the party or later.

Catered Plated Meals:

  • More organized, no waiting in line.

  • No wait times and the need to walk through a maze of tables while carrying plates and glasses.

  • Table Service, servers visit each table.

  • RSVP, you’ll know in advance how much you will pay in total because you know how many guests you will have.

The best option is the one that works best for your Quinceanera budget, whatever catering style you choose, you want to make sure your guest have a delicious and plentiful dinner.

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