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Chambelanes Only, Damas Only or Both

Your Options:

Photography: Marco Vinicio, AZ

*If you pick all chambelanes:


You will definitely stand out in a group surrounded by boys. They’ll be no doubt you’ll be the center of attention and that your waltz will look stunning.


They’ll be no girls around to help you choose your Quinceanera dress, you won’t go dama dress shopping with your friends and might feel like the odd person out on the limo ride surrounded by just boys.

*If you pick up all damas:


Going dress shopping and having tons of girl time with your friends will keep you calm and having fun as you plan your Quinceanera.


Drama tends to takeover in a group of all girls, especially if they don’t get along. Although they may be all your friends, that doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re friends with each other.



You can have the best of both worlds: the easy going vibes of your guy friends and the sisterhood of your damas. Plus your baile sorpresa will be tons of fun an hanging out with a combined group of friends will be healthy for everyone.


Having a combined group can be distracting for everyone involved. The girls and boys might be crushing over each other causing them to lose focus in the rehearsals. Some of them might even argue over with whom they were paired.

Whichever option you choose remember that the members of your court should all be important to you. Not only they be in your Quinceanera pictures forever but they will be also always hold a special place in your heart having played an important role in one of the most important days of your life...


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