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Choose the Perfect Venue for Your Quinceanera

Updated: Mar 14

To consider... Pros & Cons of Venues Locations.

Photography: Marco Vinicio, AZ

The location for both your ceremony and the reception play a vital role in setting the ambiance of your quinceanera. They are also important in helping execute the ideas you have for decoration and theme.

Since both locations will depend greatly on whatever your budget allows, you’ll need to consider the benefits and disadvantages of each venue you visit. A few things to consider are distance, space, capacity, special accommodations, rental permits and fees, outdoor/indoor spaces, decor limitations, additional costs.

A few of the most common places where you can host your quinceanera are hotels, reception halls, restaurants and someone’s backyard. All of theme have details that work for and against your favor. To help you decide which is best for you, here is a side by side comparison of a few of the details you need to consider.

Pros & Cons of Venue Locations



  • They have a lot of space.

  • Lobby space

  • Rooms for your out of town guests

  • Ballroom options

  • They have their own setup

  • They’re fully staffed


  • More strict on vendors and guests

  • Outside hotel guests

  • May not allow outside vendors



  • They will set everything up for you

  • They clean up after the party

  • Lots of parking

  • Party packages


  • May not allow outside vendors

  • Limited space

  • You are on a strict time schedule

  • May charge extra for additional time



  • Great food

  • No decoration needed

  • Great service

  • Less expensive, than renting a reception hall or hotel


  • Limited space

  • Small dance floor (if there is one)

  • May your guest have to sit in different rooms



  • No time restrictions

  • You can pick all your own vendors

  • You can serve your own food and drinks

  • Guest feel comfortable to be in a place they’re familiar with


  • May need decorate more

  • Setup/ clean everything yourselves

  • Limited space

  • May not be as formal as you’d like

  • Weathermay affect your party

  • Neighbors may not like all the noise and guests



  • They offer a combined ceremony/reception

  • Could be a golf club, a private mansion, a church or any other facility with event space

  • Less stress

  • You don’t have to find any of your own vendors


  • A big charge to transform the event room

  • Sometimes they hold multiple events

Now you’re close to finally deciding where to have your quince, it’s time to start narrowing down your top choices. Use this list of questions to help select the best location for you. Ask each venue representative the questions below and see how their answers measure up to one another’s. Then select the venue that best fits your needs.

1 -Location Name, address phone number?

2 -How many guest can this location hold?

3 -Is my Quince date available?

4 -Do they have all-inclusive packages?

5 -Can i bring my own vendors?

6 -Can i bring my own food and drinks?

7 -What time frame would be available?

8 -Can i bring my own Dj/Banda/Mariachi?

9 -Do they have designated parking?

10 -Can i practice my waltz and baile sorpresa here?

11 -Do they provide tables and decorations?

12 -What is your cancellation policy?

13 -Any restrictions i should be aware of?

14 -How do i make the payments?

15 -Do i need additional insurance?

16 -$ Price range?

17 -Deposit required?

Now you have all the important information that you need to choose the perfect venue for your special day !!


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