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Dance and have fun all night long! 

Dj Veto, AZ

Dance and have fun all night long!

Your dress- A vision! La Cena y Pastel- Perfect! The rooms decorations- Flawless!

Your chambelan de honor even took dance lessons just for you. Your court is anxious for the party to begin. You mom and dad so proud of their mija. So here comes the moment everyone has waited for, the introduction of your court, padrinos & marinas, your parents and finally… You and your chamberlain de honor. The light dim, the music begins, the Dj speaks and…

The music volume, is driving your abuelita to run outside. The Dj mumbles something no one can understand, he announced your too Juan as tio Jose and ignores the order of the court, you are introduced to a song you’ve never heard before and your pals sounds like something they play at the circus.

Worse yet, your Dj doesn’t have the right music, knows nothing about the traditions of a Quinceanera celebration and is dressed like it’s a backyard party instead of dressing for the most important day of your young life. Party ruined. Thanks for coming…

There is no reason this should happen, with a little research and by asking the right questions of your Dj, you can avoid this disaster and have the Quinceanera you’ve always dreamed about. A large majority of you have never hired a Dj. It’s assumed that they are all the same. There is a huge difference between a professional experienced Dj / Host and that friend of the family who plays at all the house parties and family gatherings. While he may be capable of handling these parties, it takes a true professional to make your event successful and fun for everyone.

The internet is a great place to search for your Dj ( However, meeting them face to face and seeing exactly what they offer is essential to see if their style matches what you’re looking for.

Here are somethings to remember when choosing your Dj for your Quinceanera:

  • Has done a Quinceanera before and is he familiar with the tradition and music played at the event.

  • Does he have a clear and appealing voice? He’ll be doing plenty of announcements throughout the night. Not only introductions, but keeping your guests informed as to the formalities of the evening. Will he meet with you and your parents and exchange ideas that will make the party much more enjoyable for everyone?

It is very important, that he have a written detailed contract for his services. If he says “Don’t worry about it. I’ll show up. Run! Run away!! If it’s a company that offers multiple Dj’s make sure you meet the Dj assigned to you and that there is a guarantee that he will remain your Dj. He should also have liability insurance.

Does he play well with others. His responsibilities don’t stop at playing music and being the MC. He has to team up with the photographer, caterer, banquet and others to make sure the night flows smoothly. Can he create an exciting dance party?, your family and friends came to dance. Can he supply the right mix to keep the dance floor pumping all night?. The cost of great entertainment should not be the determining factor in your decision to hire a Dj. By setting your priorities ahead of time as to what is most important to you, you can have a fun and memorable event and still stay within your budget. It is very important that your Dj represent you and your family in the best way possible. He should you about sensitive issues involving your family and friends. He should ask about who your guests are so that they will be included into the celebration. Especially if they’re coming from out of town.

The equipment your Dj brings should be professional and be presented in a clean manner that doesn’t interfere with the rooms decor. The music should be clean edited so that your tías won’t be embarrassed.

Can you Dj make you feel special, and make your dream come true. Such a special moment in your life should be just that- special. It’s been said that a Dj can make or break a party. Don’t take a chance and hire the wrong entertainment. Shop for the one that best matches your personality and needs. It’s your day. Demand the best. You deserve it.

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