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How to Keep Your Quince Guests Entertained

Gustavo Villarreal Photography, CA

Be Fab, Not Drab!

We’ve seen it all through the years: Robots, magic, sirens, and everything in between. How are yougoing to keep guests entertained at your Quinceanera? Maybe dancing and a DJ is enough for you. If not, here are some ideas to help get you started:

La Hora Loca

This is a tradition that originated at weddings in Argentina- now, they’re a hit at weddings, AND quinceaneras everywhere. What is the hora loca? It consists of pumping up the music and energy of the party duringthe party. When the energy dies down and people start to leave the dance floor, the hora locarevives the party and keeps the dancing going! This could be as simple as changing the music to a faster play list, or as elaborate as hiring entertainers and performers. This also includes the option of introducing a theme during the party: futuristic, patriotic (viva México!), 1920’s, 80’s, and other themes are available through props and costumes. The crazier the better!

Catering: Round 2

After dinner and a few hours of dancing, the party might go on- but people are hungry, and leftovers might not cut it all night. If it’s in your budget, you can look into inexpensive catering options to provide snacks later in the night! Think about it: everyone’s having a great time, and craving a good burger or some tacos. Having a plan for a second meal is sure to be a popular surprise at every quince.

“Live: Your Quinceanera!”

Do you have any friends or family capable of performing live music? If so, consider a live, informal performance for fun. If you don’t know any musicians, karaoke could also put you and your guests in the spotlight! A source of music, a large screen, and a microphone are all you need. If you have a DJ, you’re almost set! A projector could be used on a large wall instead of a screen. If you have any other special talents or come up with something original to show off at your quinceanera, go for it. This day is yours, and with proper preparation you can add something memorable to your quince.

Hopefully these ideas helped you learn something. If you’re inspired, make sure to get proper help to carry out your ideas. Happy planning!

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