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Quinceanera Cake Flavor

Elisas Strauss, NY

What cake flavor should you pick?

Amongst all of the decisions you will have to make for your quinceanera, cake is often one of the decisions you just take short cuts on. We don’t have taste testings and we go based on someone else’s recommendation. Then when we cut the cake and serve it, we’re disappointed when it’s too dry, not the right flavor, or has too much frosting.

Take control of your quinceanera cake and decide what flavor you would like, here is how to decide:

  • What’s your favorite flavor?

  • Think of your birthday cake when you 5 years old

  • What’s the baker’s speciality?

  • Ask them what are they most known for?

  • What’s the least expected?

  • Something unique

Here are some cool ides to incorporate to your cake:

Your guests will look forward to not only a beautiful cake, but a great tasting one. Don’t focus too much on what it looks like and rather more on how it tastes. Otherwise, what’s the point right? End the night on a good note with a delicious piece of cake, and when in doubt, add more layers!

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