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Quinceanera Crowning

Photography: Dos Lunas Beauty, Dallas, TX

The crowning represent the “Daughter of God”. If you are having a religious ceremony, you can ask for special objects that represent a blessing for your quince ceremony, one of those items being the crown.

The mother is the one who crowns their daugther, it you can also have a special family member or friend crown you as well. The term “crowning” and its significance in the ceremony represents when a mother gives birth to their daughter, the birth of the baby and the begining of her life. For the guests of the party the crown means that you are the "princess of the night"

You can choose any style your heart desires for a crown, its your special night where you can shine like a gem!

Here are the best crown styles for your quinceanera:

Happy Quinceanera Planning!!

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