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Quinceanera Flower Crowns

Updated: Oct 25, 2022

Photography: Marco Vinicio, AZ

..are here to stay!

Of course yes… Flowers crowns for hair is a forever cool trend, we can find themes in many different shapes and colors. There are complete crowns, dried flowers, fresh flowers, very large flowers, and small flowers.

Whit this new addition we can decorate our quinceanera day hairstyle in almost any look. It is as simple as using flowers in the hair, we will get a unique style, with delicacy, elegance, and innocence, giving it a very chic and natural look, as long as they harmonize between them. It does not matter that it is different colors because the purpose of the crown is to highlight the look and to shine with your own light.

Are many styles and great prices, check this ones:


  • If you have dark hair:

It will be more flattering the crowns with light or intense colors.

  • If you have light hair:

You will highlight a crown with very intense colors, do not use pastel shades.

  • To wear the hair collected:

Better use a half-crown instead of a full crown because it will give us more options when placing it on one side or the other, even in the back area. You can use both options although the best is going to stay in the complete crown.

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