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Quinceanera Flower Power Part 2

Photography: Valpena, Mex

Get Inspired...

Your quinceanera flowers should hold a special meaning to you. They should make you smile the minute you see them and in the future when you come across them, they should remind you of your special celebration.

Get Inspired by...

  • Your birth month

  • Your favorite color

  • A state flower

  • You name

  • What’s in season

  • Your favorite

  • Book or movie

The right flowers can really make a difference in your decorating, it can add a sense of felinity, elegance and style.

You’ll need flowers for the following:

  • Boutonnieres for the chambelanes

  • Flowers for the ceremony / La Virgen

  • Mini bouquets for your damas

  • Table centerpieces

  • Aisle markers

  • Your bouquet

  • Decorations

Do’s and Don'ts to flowers

  • Do have more than one type of flower.

  • Do have more than one color.

  • Do decorate some tables with flowers and some with other decor.

  • Do pick colors that give nice contrast to your dress.

  • Do communicate and share ideas with your florist.

  • Do use fresh, natural flower.

  • Don’t match your dress to your flowers.

  • Don’t limit yourself to the cliché rose.

  • Don’t be afraid of color.

  • Don’t pick flowers that are hard to get a hold of / out of season.

  • Don’t rule out fake flowers as a budget alternative.

The flower options for you:

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