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Quinceanera Mom Dress

Photography Marco Vinicio, AZ

Help What Color Should I Wear for my Daughter’s Quinceanera?

The most often question asked by a mother of the Quinceanera is “what color should the mother of the quince wear? Choosing the right color is stressful and scary.

Many things need to be taken into consideration such as the time of the year, the formality of the event, the color of the damas dresses and the color of the decorations and what color looks good on you. How can you be sure that you are choosing the right color?

Here are five tips for deciding what color to wear when you are the mother of la quinceanera:

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One option is to wear a dress in the same general color of the damas. This is a classy way to coordinate, but still, be a little different. For example, if the damas are in champagne, the quinceanera mother is in gold.


Another idea is to choose a dress in a color that is directly opposite on the wheel to the quinceanera dress.

You’ll stand out, but the Quinceanera will still look great next to you in pictures. For example, the quinceanera might be in baby blue and the mother in dark blue shade.


You could also wear a color in the same color palette as the quinceanera dress. For the quinceañera theme, for example the quinceanera dress may be in sage green, and mom can be in a dark green.


You can wear multiple colors by choosing a pattern. If this is your choice, then wear a patterned dress with a color in that echoes the quinceanera colors. This adds some personality to the quinceanera party and pictures, for instance if the quinceanera dress is gold, the mother can be in a black and gold.


When in doubt, neutrals go with everything! Just be careful to get a more saturated color, so it doesn’t wash you out. For example if the quinceanera is wearing a gold dress, the mother can wear a nude to champagne dress.


Can the mother of the quinceañera wear black? If you think not, you are wrong, black its always perfect, elegant and confortable color to wear.

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