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Quinceanera Stunning Hair Styles

Photography: Paul Borquez, Mex

You only turn 15 once, and you want that day to be as special as possible. Many other girls usually never wait until the last minute to choose a hairstyle, they usually think beforehand when it comes to their quinceanera hairstyles. In many cultures there is a certain age at which a teenager goes from being a child to an adult, in this case in the Latin American culture becoming an adult happens at the age of fifteen. It can seem young, we know, but it’s actually a pretty big deal, and so are the celebrations. Many people don’t think that fifteen is a good age to be considered an adult, but for some cultures, it’s a very special age and day. That being said since it's such an important day it is keen that you look perfect. Your hair is a major staple in your look for that day. There are many styles that would be perfect for girls who have long hair and short hair. All these hairstyles will surely complement and make you look stunning!

Important: It’s not easy to achieve some of the classic quincenera hairstyles, so it’s best to find the perfect stylists for you, that way you know for sure that you are going to get what you want and be sure it’ll look amazing.

  • Beach waves:

Beach wave is a look for those that love the natural-looking curly look. The layers are then held back. There is a high bump on the top of the head that gives it a classy style.

  • Abstract up and down looks:

It is a hairstyle that can be made special and unique just for you, especially with all the flowers, jewels, and pins you can add to it, it is one of the most popular styles, it can be put up and down for any situation and is just an overall beautiful style.

  • Blossoming Curls:

A great half up half/down look with plenty of loose curls, volume, and texture. You are sure to love this elegant look.

  • Side Ponytail:

A great ponytail that has tons of curls coming out of it with intricate clippings to make sure it is in its best position, this look creates a beautiful and whimsical feel to your look.

  • Low Bun:

This look is a personal favorite to many girls. A beautiful design that can include braids, bringing the hair up into a beautiful bun in the center or side of the back of the head with lots of curls, keeping your hair out of your face, and still making you look your best.

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