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Quinceanera Swing

Photography: Ana's Quinceanera Gowns. Dallas, TX

Swing, swing, swing!

Swings: They’re not just for the playground anymore!

80’s are back in different ways, clothes, music, furniture, etc... Your mom will remember the famous 80’s tv show, Quinceanera, where the swing was the the cutest prop for the tv 80’s quinceanera show presentation.

Swings is one of the marvelous ideas for your Quinceanera reception. Decorative swings can be a fascinating addition to your quinceanera presentation and for beautiful pictures.

It is a lot to ask but if you can have a swing with your Quinceanera decoration, please do!

Need some ideas? Where to hang it?

  • Some decorators can install the swing around the perimeter of the dance floor, some ballrooms have a really strong ceiling structures to allow the installation of the swing.

  • Another great idea, display your cake on a suspended swing station.

  • You can have a swing for an amazing spot for your guests to take their photos.

Swings can be decorated with flowers, leaves, twigs, and moss, property dangled from the rope. It is all up to you and your quinceanera color scheme to create the perfect place for a quinceanera waltz presentation.

Have fun and enjoy this unique idea!

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