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Take your quinceanera to the next level 

The perfect lighting can take your quinceanera party to the next level and set the mood and tone for the occasion.

It is m

uch more than shining a spotlight on you or projecting some moving lights over the dance floor. It can also enhance decor and create visual drama, like light up large marquee letters or numbers, monogram, Uplighting walls and smooth lights on the cake.

Lighting is an integral part of your design, it will make your quince decorations shine brighter.

Consider the theme of the event bold and dramatic? Or maybe it is elegant and chic? a sweet theme can direct the lighting focus and create an overall feel for the event. For example, for a Princess Theme it dictated soft lighting, including backlighting on scrims which perfectly translated the sweet and romantic feel.

  • Monogram light, this can be on Dance Floor or in a open view wall.

  • Light up Marquee letters with your name, or a “15” number sign, or a booth to create a personalized sign for your quince: “Kiara 15"

  • Lighting Dance Floors, will guarantees to get people in the mood to dance.

  • Cake lighting is a creative way to direct the attention of your guests transfer ordinary to extraordinary, you can use a white cake and a proyecto

  • Uplighting walls is an easy way to transform an otherwise unimpressive room, like a standard hotel ballroom or convention center, into a space with a beautiful atmosphere.

Lighting can be combined with other decor options such as fabrics, dry ice, stage designs or venue features to create amazing effects and wow your guests.

All of the lighting suggestions we have just listed are phenomenal, Perhaps the biggest consideration of all though is to think about balance when creating your lighting plan, according to your budget.

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