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The Most Awaited Moment, Quinceanera Presentation

Photography: Art Digital Studios, KS

The magic that surrounds your fifteen years is mainly found in the quinceanera waltz and your choreographies, the culmination of your dreams is here, in these musical pieces in which you will shine as the most beautiful star in the sky. There is no time for mistakes.

Finally !

The most anticipated moment of the night! ... The official presentation to society by your parents. Traditionally there are four steps to follow although you can create everything as you like. Choose a musical background according to the occasion to highlight this moment more and agree with your master of ceremony so that everything goes perfectly. This is the most emotional moment for all those who really love you.


1. Your parents will welcome everyone present.

2. The master of ceremony will announce the entrance of your parents for the traditional change of shoes by your parents.

3. Then it is your mother's turn to change the tiara for the crown with which you will be the star of the night.

4. And finally, your youngest sister will give you your last doll or toys, symbolism of a stage that you leave behind to begin one with more responsibilities and duties.

Your father will have the honor of dancing your first waltz or his favorite song with you.

Next is the presentation of your court of honor.

Everyone dancing the waltz that you meticulously chosen for this evening

Finally show your skills by dancing the surprise dance.


The master of ceremonies will announce to all your guests to stand up to toast your happiness and all those who love you. It is a gesture that they make with you and your court of honor, you can assign a family member or friend to direct the words of this significant toast.

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