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Trending Quinceanera Cape Dress

Many Quinceanera dress brands are adding a new category to their repertoire: The Cape Dress

Photography: Abigail Sanchez, Dallas, TX

Attaching a cape to a Quinceanera gown not only enhances the elegance in your dress, but it also makes it more thrilling and exciting to wear. Whether you are arriving at church walking down the aisle, or having your vals with your dad the cape gown combines high comfort with an appropriate and conserved look for any and all aspects of you quinceanera day.

Bend the rules of tradition and opt for a Quinceanera dress with a cape. You will delightfully shock all your guests when you arrive to you reception. Just imagine for a second, how spectacular you will look walking into either your church or party with your beautiful cape gown that’ll really make you shine, I’m sure that your guests will never forget that

Not all capes are equal in length. There are many looks and designs ranging from cropped capes, gowns with capes that fall into floor-sweeping (or what we like to call “Princess cape dress”), and dresses with attached capes that have tapered, high-low hems. Nowadays many Quinceanera dress brands and manufactures include the embroidered tulle gown with a cape , a sequence gown with a coordinating mesh attached cape, or gowns that have a plunging cutout neckline and chiffon that gracefully fall from the shoulders for their new collections. Dresses with attached capes create elegant and glamorous look. Try one on. You’ll love it!.


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