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The NEW way to Magazine!

The team at Quinceañera Expo is proud to share with you its first digital magazine! Launched in August we're leveraging the power of the web.  One thing we know about our audience is that they're always on their phones! But they're not just scrolling on Instagram, kids and families are actually doing research! They're looking for the best deals, they're looking for brands, they're seeking vendors to help them create their dream Quinceañera! This is your opportunity to get your brand, product or service in front of the young growing Latina audience! 

Digital magazines aren't new, but their benefits go far beyond print. The benefit of is that you can update an advertisement as often as you like! You can also add a hyperlink that takes customers directly to your website or social media channel! Digital allows customers to have your brand in their pocket because EVERYONE is looking at their phones.  

If you're interested in reaching the #Latino family, being in the digital magazine is a must!  We're looking forward to expanding the pages and services, and we're hoping to see you there. Contact us ASAP if you have questions. We're here to help you reach this young fresh audience. 

The Quinceañera Expo Team

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